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2014 Cairns Friendship Games

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Queensland SEO are proud to announce our involvement in this years Cairns Friendship Games (2014). The Cairns Friendship Games is a football tournament held as part of the Cairns Multicultural Week festival concluding at the end of September each year.

Earlier this year, Aban Ajang from the newly formed Far North African United FC and Queensland SEO's General Manager Zane Cosgrove met and discussed football... over that conversation, it was decided that the Far North African United Football Club required that extra bit of help in producing a high quality logo that represented the team's heart, passion and fighting spirit and Queensland SEO would be happy to help. The team kits were soon to be designed and the logo was needed urgently!

Even though Queensland SEO is a specialist website marketing agency and NOT a graphic design company, we were more than happy to put our staff to work on the issue and in less than a week we provided the final design to Aban to discuss with the football club's leadership committee for review as required. We are more than pleased with the final design and so was the team as the new kits were produced and the logo's blended in perfectly both in club identity and club principles.

Far North African United FC - logo donated by Queensland SEO
The Far North African United FC logo, sponsored & donated by Queensland SEO

The 2014 Cairns Friendship Games

The 2014 Cairns Friendship Games were held over 2 days from the 27th to the 28th of September at Petersen Park in Edmonton, South of Cairns.

The games are coordinated by the Cairns Regional Council as a part of the weekly celebrations during the Cairns Multicultural Week.

This year saw a total of 8 teams enter the tournament and an active crowd of over 150 supporting the teams on the sidelines. The teams were split into 2 groups of 4 with each group winner playing off for the final and title of the 2014 Cairns Friendship Games.

Group A Group B
Cairns Bhutanese Football Club Cairns Bhutanese Football Club 2
Far North African United FC Hmong Cyclones
Hmong Innisfail NQ Punjab
PNG Wantoks United FC (Thai)

For more information on the Cairns Friendship Games or to register your team for the next tournament, please contact the Cairns Regional Council on (07) 4044 3044 or contact them online at the Cairns Regional Council website, http://www.cairns.qld.gov.au.

2014 Cairns Friendship Games

Cairns Regional Council

2014 Cairns Friendship Games Photos

2014 Cairns Friendship Games

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2014 Cairns Friendship Games Videos

Watch the team highlights from selected games

About Far North African United Football Club

The Far North African United team is a new football club formed in 2014 by members of the Cairns African community such as Yor Asheen and Aban Ajang.

The players themselves have invested a considerable amount of both effort, time and resources in order to get the team off the ground and should consider themselves proud to have represented themselves and their team with such passion, pride and determination despite the challenges presented on a weekly basis. Even finding a field to train on at times was a challenge with the team unfortunately forced to relocate from the Endeavour Park fields to the Trinity Bay High School fields just to get a run on the weekends on a field with goals.

According to Yor, the idea "just came to my mind" back in 2011 and despite previous attempts and setbacks at creating an all-African dream team, each year they managed to launch a more than competitive team with previous team names being the African Zulus, African United and once playing under the banner of the Redlynch Cyclones during 2012-2013 season.

Far North African United FC Photos

Far North African United

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Far North African United FC Videos

Watch the Far North African United team preparing for their first cup match
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