About Queensland SEO

Queensland SEO is a dynamic search engine optimisation company providing solutions that not just get you clicks but also focus on what your users are doing and how we can use that information to increase your website's conversions.

We pride ourselves in our dedicated and personalised approach to you, your business and your website.

Our shared beliefs are that information should be free for the benefit of humanity as a whole and as such, at Queensland SEO, we're always happy to help with any questions you may have.

At Queensland SEO, we focus on our customer service, quality of work and of course actual results such as phone calls, sales, orders or inquiries, not salesmen, spam emails or harassing phone calls like some of the other SEO companies we've heard about through people just like you.

The Cane Toad

The Queensland SEO logo is known as "Bruce" the cane toad.

Our logo was chosen not just for the adaptability and spread of the cane toad in terms of market share, but also as a sign that quality control is important in order to get things right through methods such as accurate testing, trials and reporting.

The Cane Toad has become an iconic symbol and example of how an introduced species can cause devastation to a natural habitat. Even to the extent of extinction of some native wildlife by way of poisoning through eating the toads and exposure to their toxic skin secretions.

In mid-1935, the cane toad (Rhinella Marina) was introduced by a department of the Queensland Government as a method of control and reduction of beetle infestations causing crop damage to cane fields in North Queensland, Australia.

The cane toad quickly spread across Queensland, adapting to the ideal Queensland lifestyle and to the urban lifestyle.

Despite control and eradication efforts, the cane toad can now be found from Darwin to Cape York, Cairns to even Sydney.

You can find out more about the cane toad at the link below:

Queensland SEO
The Cane Toad

Our Experience & Scope

Together at Queensland SEO, our staff have worked on thousands of websites.

It is for this reason that allows us to provide results for a broad range of websites, social media platforms, site builders and of course search engines.

At Queensland SEO, our staff are proud to be both a certified Google Partner and accredited in Bing Ads.

We also use social media daily or weekly, just like you, so we're up to date with social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn amongst many others.

Our fast growing client portfolio from all around the world consists of websites made in PHP, ASP, HTML5 and includes a broad range of site builders and ecommerce platforms such as Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, and of course WordPress.... we love WordPress for the quick page edits, updates and of course the SEO benefits.