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Looking for Australian AdWords vouchers, coupon codes and promotions?

At Queensland SEO, we're always on the look out for special deals or offers of benefit to regular Aussies like you and me.

We've recently tried a few so called Google AdWords voucher provider sites out there but the responses that were received varied from email bounce-backs to "this offer is only for US & Canada" even though it said Australia on the page to begin with...

Finally it was a pleasure to have stumbled upon Google's Australian voucher/coupon page that provides Google AdWords voucher codes for Australia for $100.00 credit.

Although in the end, like nearly all aspects of business it will actually cost you to activate your AdWords voucher as Google has a minimum spend of $25.00 as a specified requirement before your voucher amount is credited to your account. Technically, the voucher itself is free but they require you to pay to activate the voucher... but it's still a $100.00 credit once you've spent your $25.00 so your making $75.00 which is always a help, especially for first time advertisers swimming the AdWords competitor minefield.

Interestingly, we've discovered this deal is actually better than what is offered to Google's US and Canadian based advertisers who are only offered $75.00 credit after they spend there first $25.00 on an AdWords campaign.

The promotional offer is only available to new Google AdWords advertisers and of course, based in Australia only. All you have to do is to enter your email address to get started.

If you are creating regular Google AdWords accounts for your clientele like we do at Queensland SEO, then keep an eye on this page as Google has a habit of changing their promotions and effectively releasing 'round robins' of voucher codes. Once they're gone, you have to wait for the next round to become available...

Another handy piece of information that you won't find publicised on the side of a bus is Google's support number for Australian advertisers. Got any issues or want to try push Google around for some extra credit, try giving them a call on 1800 106 904 between the hours of 9am to 6pm (AEST), Monday to Friday.

Here's the link for those that are interested and want to get started with an extra $100 for their Google Adwords campaign:

Or, you can apply for a special promotional offer of $150.00 by simply completing our AdWords Coupon form.

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