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Best Aussie Backlinks for Traffic & SEO

Best Aussie Backlinks for Traffic & SEO

Have you been searching the net for quality back links that hold authority, reputation and won't be impacted by future Google updates?

At Queensland SEO, we are proud to proclaim to the world that we've NEVER had a penalised website. This is due to our careful attention to detail when performing search engine optimisation on our websites. Just recently we have received a number of cries for help from established website owners who have been penalised due to the well renowned Google Penguin update in the later part of 2013.

Some of these websites have been around for many, many years and have collected a malicious trail of incoming links, the equivalent of thousands of mosquitoes chasing you down... they will eventually catch up and bite you!

As a result, we've listed our personal collection of our favourite 3rd-party websites, essential for Australian SEO link building for reasons such as;
- regular source of internet traffic
- reliability and domain authority
- links from Australian websites
- often found on first page results of search engines if optimised correctly
- can help push competitor's off the first page

Check out the list of websites below along with some of our tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your Australian SEO link building campaign or contact us for professional help on submitting your website to 25 x Australian Directories for only $150.00.

YellowPages Australia

As the hard-copy phone book begins to decay, and SENSIS have put a considerable amount of finances, time and people into promoting and increasing their online profile. After all, a good business develops with the market, otherwise they would go out of business. As a result of this refocused investment, is now a decent and reliable source of relevant traffic to your website.

There is a FREE complimentary listing available allowing you to add your business to relevant categories in your suburb, town or city.

Unfortunately, the link to your website on your YellowPages listing page are 'no-follow' meaning they don't pass on any benefit apart from referring traffic to your site.

YellowPages Australia

Check out our Queensland SEO listing on YellowPages or if you want, submit your own listing for free.

TrueLocal Australia is a great source of referrals even if you don't have a website... How you might ask? By providing referrals by appearing in search results on Google and other search engines which also allows you to click and call phone numbers from a smartphone, even directly via Skype calls from a tablet or PC.

TrueLocal has managed to maintain a strong and relatively consistent reputation and traffic stream by allowing the user to submit as much information as possible about their business, website or services for FREE. This includes info such as business hours, customer reviews, a detailed description section you can actually add keywords to as well as direct referral of traffic to your website.

Overall, TrueLocal is a great site because of all the features available at no cost as well of course as the SEO benefits to your website.

Check out our Queensland SEO listing on TrueLocal or if you want, submit your own listing for free.

LocalSearch Australia is similar to however with some slight differences and also an aggressive advertising campaign both online, TV and even on buses in regional Australian cities such as here in Cairns.

LocalSearch (formerly known as Australian Local Directories & then Local Directories) is free and provides a useful amount of information on your business such as business hours, a detailed description, links to your social media profiles and even allows you to add search engine keywords to your listing. All links on your profile page count as incoming links by search engines such as Google so make sure you add your website's link as well as boost your social media profiles by linking to them as well.

Check out our Queensland SEO listing on LocalSearch or if you want, submit your own listing for free.

GumTree Australia owned by eBay International AG is not just a classifieds site.... businesses are also able to create a FREE listing and even enhance their listing at a price of course.

The listings are a little bland and a quite simple however GumTree has become a house-hold name for many Australians and can provide you with a good stream of referrals for certain industry types or service providers.

The link to your website on your listing is classified as 'no-follow' and as such won't provide any SEO benefits but your GumTree profile page can sometimes appear for relevant searches on the first page of search engines.

Check out our Queensland SEO listing on GumTree or if you want, post an ad for your business for free.

StartLocal Australia is another free website that provides plenty of information on your business such as your contact details, business hours, reviews, relevant categories, map listings, images and videos as well as a detailed description section.

The StartLocal homepage itself has a Google PageRank of 5 (as of Sept, 2014) so it's a reputable online directory according to Google and your listing link helps contribute to your number of incoming links (or back links) boosting your own site's PageRank and search rankings.

Check out our Queensland SEO listing on StartLocal or if you want, add your business for free.

HotFrog Australia is well known amongst most Australian SEO pioneers and still provides a FREE listing, allowing you to add your business.

Once you've added your business you can add your contact details, images, products and services and even your news and updates however the link to your website is another 'no-follow' link so there is no SEO benefits to be passed on directly to your website.

Adding products and services creates a new page on Hotfrog so if you have niche market products or services then this feature can be an excellent way to attract relevant or highly specific traffic to your listing page and from there to your website.

Check out our Queensland SEO listing on Hotfrog or if you want, add your business for free.

Aussie Shout Outs

One of the most active and supportive sites out there for Australian (and even New Zealand) businesses with over 1,565,005 views over at their Google+ page in just a few months... is all about networking and building relationships with others through social media and online marketing.

Say 'hi' to the team on the Aussie Shout Outs social media pages and they'll gladly send a 'shout-out' for your business on their social media pages potentially exposing your business online to a few million people or so.

If you feel like supporting an Aussie that supports other Aussie's, be sure to shout Julianne a coffee sometime through the link on the Aussie Shout Outs website.

Check out our Queensland SEO listing on AussieShoutOuts or head over to to add your listing...

Australian SEO Links

Want 25 x Australian Links to your website?

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