Cyclone Nathan Warning

Cyclone Nathan Warning (Cairns)

Latest warnings issued from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology on Tropical Cyclone Nathan indicate the potential for damage and disruptions to our Cairns based office.

Cyclone Nathan is currently a Category 2 Tropical Cyclone and is located approximately 535 kilometres Northeast of Cairns and moving South Southeast at a steady speed of just 2 kilometres per hour indicating the possible strengthening of TC Nathan over the next few days.

At present in Cairns, the wind is quiet and undisturbed, unlike last week which saw at least 400mm of rain throughout the end of the week and heavy winds battering the coastline.

As a result, we are keeping a close eye on the track forecast and will keep you updated throughout the week.

We would like to assure you that at Queensland SEO, we have a disaster assurance plan and our Cairns office will be temporary relocated to Brisbane if we are impacted by the worst scenario such as a direct hit. A services outage of between 2-5 days may occur due to loss of power, telecommunications and while our staff recover or relocate as required.

Further updates will be provided via our website and social media as the situation changes over the next few days...

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