Increase Twitter Engagement

Increasing Engagement on Twitter

9 tips for increasing engagement on twitter

Are you tired of spending countless hours posting tweets on Twitter to no avail?

Here are 7 tips that you can easily implement to increase engagement on Twitter.

#1: Be authentic

Don’t try and sound like someone you aren’t. Post your tweets in a tone that is similar to how you would speak to your family or friends. People can easily tell if you are trying to sound smarter or more successful than you really are. Do yourself a favour and don’t do it...

#2: Tell a story

How did your company or brand come to be? Tweet links to a blog post on your website that explains the essence of your existence. Keep doing this over time.

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#3: Know your target audience and use appropriate language

This is a no brainer really. If your customers are stay at home mums, don’t speak to them like they are CEO’s of fortune 500 companies. If you do this it will be off-putting, and you will fail to resonate with them.
Twitter Tips - Identify your target  market

#4 Attach images to your tweets

A picture paints 1000 words, and since you only have 140 characters to communicate your message, this will be valuable. Studies have also found that tweets with images are retweeted much more frequently than those without them.


#5 Humanise your brand

People like speaking with people, not robots. If you are a small company, place a picture of yourself as your profile picture. It will make it easier for people to engage with you as they can put a face to your content.

Example of Twitter Profile
Twitter Tips - timing tweets

#6 Timing is everything

There are times in the day that are more popular than others. This will depend on your audience and target demographic. If you are targeting white collar professionals, the most popular time of social media use by these people will be during their lunch break at work (12pm). If you are targeting office workers in another country, find out what the equivalent time is in your time zone and post then.

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#7 Distribute content more than once

Not everyone will see your tweet the first time you post it. Post it again in a months’ time. Recycling your tweets will also save you time and effort coming up with new content from scratch each time.


So there you go. If you follow the advice above, you should see an increase in engagement on Twitter. How else can you increase engagement on Twitter?

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  • Queensland SEO

    Setting up scheduled ‘tweets’ is another awesome feature on Twitter to help increase your engagement. You can setup and pre-tweet useful information or engaging content to connect to users through Twitter at different times of the day.

    It’s a great feature to at least login once a month and set the Tweets for your Twitter account to be sent out at the specified date and time. Helps keep your Twitter account active and connecting to users on a regular basis and it also helps identify the best times to post your Tweets based on responses and activity.