Landing Pages


How do you not only reach your target audience but convert them?

The answer to the question above is by creating landing pages, built specifically for users using a particular keyword or interested in a particular product, feature or service you are providing.

Landing pages are used for Internet marketing, SEO and pay per click advertising due to their purpose being to convert traffic to sales, leads or enquiries.

Case Study (Impact of landing page)
The car sales website owner was receiving traffic but this traffic was not converting to leads on his website. Most users were probably being lost due to the many options available to them on the homepage.

A landing page was built targeting local searches on the major search engines for the keywords 'used car sales'. This landing page required a free quote form to be added on the page and contained information specific to the used car sales part of the website including an option for users to search the listings and be displayed their results.

Having a landing page has now benefited this business in multiple ways such as;
* website homepage no longer required to target multiple keyword combinations
* landing page SEO focused and targeting set to primary keyword combination (town + 'used car sales')
* relevant traffic only being directed to landing page
* increased conversions due to traffic relevancy and addition of free quote form
* increased conversions due to traffic relevancy and addition of search listings feature

Need a custom landing page designed for your site?

At Queensland SEO, we are experts in conversion.

Our custom designed landing pages will not only help you to reach your target audience but to convert them to leads, sales or enquiries.

Because each business has unique target keywords and objectives, we will need to discuss your custom landing page requirements before determining the best course of action to deliver your results.

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