Link Google Accounts

Linking your Google Accounts

One of the must do tasks for website owners in 2015 is to link your Google Accounts such as Google+, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google AdWords if you are a current AdWords advertiser.

Linking your Google Accounts allows you to manage important issues related to your website such as receiving notifications, manage user access to third parties or other employees, receive advanced information, improve your website's credibility through verification and all from one central user account.

When you link your website to your Google+ listing (appears under your search results listings and in Google Maps), your website will be 'verified' by Google allowing you that extra bit of credibility over the nearest site above or below you in the search engine results while also providing increased exposure through Google Maps apps on Android applications and other Google searches from computers and tablets.

Find out more below about the must do list of benefits you can achieve by linking your website and your Google Accounts or for expert advice and support, please contact us at Queensland SEO.

Benefits of Linked Google Accounts

  • Increased exposure on search engines
  • Enhanced reputation & credibility
  • Consistent company branding
  • Easy to manage and update
  • Managed from just one user account
  • Website verified by Google
  • Advanced reporting in Analytics
  • Add Location Extensions in AdWords
  • Link Google+ Videos & YouTube

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Google Accounts to be linked:
 Google+ Analytics AdWords Webmaster Tools

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It's important to setup your Google Accounts correctly from the start so that you can save time managing your accounts later and eliminate stress trying to locate which accounts are used for different Google services.

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For a limited time only, you can get the problem sorted and solved by the experts to ensure your accounts are easily managed in the future and your website and business are receiving the maximum benefits available. Don't miss out on this opportunity as if you don't your competitor's probably already have...

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Link Your Google Accounts