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About online & web banner ads

Online and web banner ads are a great way of delivering traffic to your website although careful consideration is needed in order to setup and more importantly convert this traffic to sales, leads or inquiries depending of course upon your website's objectives or commonly referred to in the world of conversions as 'Goals'.

The most important factor to be aware of when setting up a banner advertising campaign is that your ads will be displayed on what is referred to as 'external' websites or '3rd party' partner sites. The users have already discovered this website and are actively browsing on that exact webpage that your ad is appearing on.

Basically this means the user could potentially be reading a tutorial, related topics, studying for homework, may be a competitor reading articles or a business man reading the local news online and so on...

For this very reason, advertising on the Google Display Network, Bing Ads Content or other banner ad advertising providers will always deliver a much lower click-through-rate and conversion rate than a standard text ads campaign. A standard text ad appears when users search related target keywords on search engines.

There is a very big difference between a user actively searching a keyword on a search engine and a user actively reading an article or browsing a 3rd party website who may see your banners. One is looking for interesting sites or content, the other has found and clicked on that content and you have to fight to attract this user's attention.

So be aware, your banner ad campaign may attract clicks but not conversions... so what can you do to help reduce costs but still maintain a paid presence online?

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Is it possible to convert with a $0.01 bid amount per click?

Yes, it can and thy will be done...

The '1 cent per click' concept first crossed our path quite a few months ago through a suggestion by one of our own clients who wanted to test a $0.01 per click campaign.

Our first reaction was a shock to the system, we never considered in an economy such as Australia it would be possible to convert or even receive traffic with a maximum bid amount of just $0.01 but you just never know in life until you give something a try. Apply logic of course as with all risks in life however there are people that succeed in life purely because they have a positive or 'can do' attitude and are willing to test something, make changes and improve on a concept.

Our $0.01 campaigns are best applied over an extended duration... due to the very low quality bid amounts, your ads won't be shown as frequently as other advertisers however clicks can equal conversions and anything is possible so why not give it a try for your website and see what happens? After all, it only costs 1 cent per click...

Online Banner Ads

Want to get started with web banner ads?

You can get started with web banner ads for your site through the Google Display Network starting from just $150.00.

At Queensland SEO, we will create multiple banner ads for you to review, apply your desired changes to the designs and then finalise the banners required for your campaign.

We will even setup your campaign and conversion tracking for you if you want and we strongly recommend you link your Google Webmaster Tools and your Google Analytics accounts for increased insights into how and what your paid click users are doing.

To get started, check out our Banner Ads packages and view Queensland SEO's own active banners below or alternatively, for more information please don't hesitate to contact us online or give us a call on 1300 'QLD SEO'...

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