Pay Per Phone Call

Pay Per Call Tracking Released

Pay Per Call: Reach mobile & smartphone users

Google has just released a new and exciting method for AdWords advertisers to reach new customers via the pay per call tracking or call only campaign.

Instead of directing traffic to your website, the call only campaign is setup for mobile and smart phone users encouraging them to click your ad to call you directly.

The mobile targeted ads are perfectly suitable for businsses with call centres or sales teams seeking leads but it's also suitable to local businesses wanting to target and connect to local smart phone and mobile users.

An practical example might be a user at home with no computer urgently needing a locksmith or a plumber or a user who is out in the community but wants to book a doctor's appointment so they are able to connect from whereever they may be as long as they have a smart phone and an internet connection.

So to put it simple, the campaign drives phone calls leads only with a simply call button displayed on your ad. This button enables your customers to click on their mobile or smart phone device to call you directly and will not be visible to desktop or other PC devices at this stage.

Unfortunately, the call only feature still requires the advertising business to display a valid URL so a website is still a requirement at this stage and the same number used for your ads visible on your website for verification purposes.

Benefits: More than just pay per phone call

There are many benefits to advertising on AdWords with a call only campaign such as:

  • A single call to action - phone calls
  • Target mobile and smartphone device users only
  • Only pay for calls made to your business by real people
  • Targets calls directly to your mobile, your sales team or call centre
  • Easily detemine the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or return-on-investment per call

How To Setup a Call Only Campaign

Step 1: Login to your AdWords account or sign up for Google AdWords here
Step 1: Login or Sign Up for AdWords

Step 2: Once you've setup your billing and account details, click the red create campaign button
Step 2: Create Call Only Campaign

Step 3: Select 'Call-only' from the campaign type options
Step 3: Select Call Only Campaign Type

Step 4: Setup your campaign options such as target locations, daily budget & ad schedule
Step 4: Setup Locations, Daily Budget

Step 5: Create your ad for your mobile users and add your target keywords
Step 5: Create your Call Only Ad

Step 6: Save your campaign and start receiving phone calls from your ads
Step 6: Save Campaign & Start Getting Calls

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  • Queensland SEO

    It was recently brought to our attention that your contact number must be clearly visible on your website’s header and/or footer, not just on the contact page.

    Failure to do so might mean your ads campaign will require further verification and won’t receive calls until it has been verified by adding to your site’s header/footer on all pages or at least the homepage.