Banner Ads

Banner Advertising

1 x Campaign
✓ 5 x Banner Ads
✓ Demographic Targeting
✓ Geographic Targeting
✓ Topics/Interest Targeting
✓ No Monthly Maintenance
✓ $150 AdWords Credit
Double Set
2 x Campaigns
✓ 28 x Banner Ads
✓ Demographic Targeting
✓ Geographic Targeting
✓ Topics/Interest Targeting
✓ Keyword Targeting
✓ Mobile Targeting
✓ Sitelink Extensions
✓ Click-To-Call Extensions
✓ Linked to Google Analytics
✓ Linked to Webmaster Tools
✓ Conversion Tracking
✓ No Monthly Maintenance
✓ $150 AdWords Credit

Want to advertise your website online with banner ads?

Banner Ads are a great way to connect to a new audience. we all know a picture is worth a thousand words... Setting up a banner advertising campaign requires you to analyse your target demographics, provide an incentive such as a discounted rate or coupon code and sometimes even creating a suitable landing page to increase the relevancy and conversion rate for your ads.

You will also need to decide on the advertising platform that you wish to use such as Google AdWords, DoubleClick and there are a whole list of other pay-per-click advertisers out there although we prefer and strongly recommend to use the Google Display Network.

Once the campaign has been setup, your banners created and added to your advertising campaign and you have set your financial budget for your campaign you are ready to start displaying your banners to the world but where do these banners appear? Your banners will be displayed on third-party websites who are effectively advertising affiliates of the advertising platform such as Google AdSense. There are plenty of options available for you to narrow your market by only displaying your ad on certain websites related to either a demographical, geographical or even based on keyword relevancy or page content 'interests', an option to select by particular industries or market share categories.

For more information on setting up a banner ad campaign or if you require professional advice, please don't hesitate to contact us at Queensland SEO.

Example of Banner Ads

We are able to implement your existing banner ads and will provide you with the sizes required (in pixels), or alternatively, please contact us to discuss the design and setup of banners before we proceed with setting up your banner advertising campaign.

Please find several examples of our Google Display Network banner advertising campaigns below.

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Queensland SEO Australian flag
Banner Ads - Queensland SEO

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Mobile Websites Design Australian flag
Banner Ads - Mobile Websites D

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Banner Ads that ask for clicks, landing pages that convert...

Jim's Dog Wash Australian flag
Banner Ads - Jim\'s Dog Wash

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Rewarding Earth Australian flag
Banner Ads - Rewarding Earth

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Bonus $150 Google AdWords credit for new advertisers...

Estate Grid Nigeria flag
Banner Ads - Estate Grid

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Shine Wellness Retreat Australian flag
Banner Ads - Shine Wellness Re

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