Bing Ads

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Want to advertise your website on the and search networks? Bing Ads provides a method of pay-per-click advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo search networks allowing you to set your monthly campaign and start sending traffic to your website.

Our Bing Ads services provide setup, campaign maintenance, monthly optimisation as well as expert guidance and advice each month on how we can further fine tune your campaign to convert your traffic to sales, leads or enquiries.

Queensland SEO's price guide is listed below for your information however if you require any further assistance before deciding if a Bing Ads campaign is best for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Compare our Bing Ads PPC Packages

LocalSuitable for advertising budgets of up to $50 per month
✓ 1 x Campaign
✓ 3-5 x Target Keywords
✓ $100 Bing Ads Credit*
GlobalSuitable for advertising budgets above $200+ per month
✓ 3+ Campaigns
✓ 10+ x Target Keywords
✓ Sitelink Extensions
✓ Click-To-Call Extensions
✓ Conversion Tracking
✓ $100 Bing Ads Credit*

* New Bing Ads Advertisers Only... We are able to create a new account if required in order to apply coupon credit.

Are you an existing AdWords advertiser?

We can even import your existing Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign into Bing Ads so that you have 100% consistency and increased search engine coverage.

Because it is so easy to import an existing Google AdWords into Bing Ads, we are happy to provide a reduced rate on the above prices. Please contact Queensland SEO for more information on importing your Google AdWords campaign into Bing Ads...