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Find out if valid HTML coding has SEO benefits

At Queensland SEO, we'd like to share with you our latest experiment... we want to find out if having valid HTML coding on your website can provide positive SEO benefits such as an increased PageRank and/or improved search engine rankings. The challenge was set by an unnamed, mysterious individual from a well known international community of members which for now, remains unnamed until our findings have been posted.

How to prove HTML Validation provides SEO benefits?

So we do we gather enough insight into the benefits of valid HTML coding?

We've decided to begin by building 2 similar, niche market websites. However, as we all are aware, SEO has so many variables we need to ensure the experiment remains in a somewhat 'controlled' environment.

Our SEO research team has provided us with 5 strict criteria for our 'controlled environment' that must be met.

1) Exact-Match Domains
Our first step is to register an exact-match domain name (for instance, and

Our domains names should included our niche target keywords in order to speed up the SEO indexing and ranking process.

2) Website Hosting
At first, we wanted to give the impression that both sites were completely unrelated and so we were leaning towards using 2 different but similar structured website hosts based in the US.

After numerous discussions, we have decided to proceed with both of the new websites to be hosted on the same web hosting server.

3) PHP, OpenSource
Both websites must use the same common PHP opensource platform. A custom template may or may not be applied however both sites will be quite similar in appearance and presentation.

4) SEO
Once both websites have been setup and completed, we will proceed to optimise the sites with our standard SEO package including 30 x directory submissions. The SEO performed on both sites will be identical in nature in order to highlight the ranking differences between valid HTML coding and invalid HTML coding.

5) HTML Coding
One website will have the HTML coding optimised while the other site will have the stock standard coding which includes at least 20 to 35 invalid HTML errors.

Both sites will be checked and tested using the W3C's HTML Validation service;

Keep updated

We'll keep you posted on our progress once the websites have been completed and we'll upload the ranking reports over the next 3 months so that you keep updated on our experiment and are able to come to your own conclusion...

Is valid HTML coding is beneficial to your website's SEO rankings and/or Google PageRank...?

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  • Queensland SEO

    Valid coding has many benefits that were displayed including optimised and improved page loading speeds and ultimately, improved exposure on search engines as a result.

    Our testing indicated that the elements that improved from using valid HTML coding are as follows:
    * Page Load Speed reduced
    * Increased compatibility across devices including older mobiles, tablets and computers

    * Increased time spent on site by approximately 2-3 minutes
    * Reduced total average bounce rate by over 15%

    All of these above indicate it is preferential to optimise and ensure your website’s HTML coding is as valid as possible, keeping in mind many site’s and CMS platforms won’t allow you or may prevent you from fixing some issues.