Google Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery Service

Penalised by Google?

If your website has been penalised by Google or you've received a notification or warning through Google Webmaster Tools then the time to act is now.

Too often we receive requests to recover websites that received a warning notification 6 months ago, followed by a another warning 3 months ago and now the site has been penalised and is not even appearing for search results on their own company/business name. The simple solution is if you receive a warning or notification through Google Webmaster Tools then act upon it as soon as you possible can in order to fix the problem before it becomes worse.

Google Penalty Recovery & Link Removal Packages

BasicLink Removal
✓ Link Removal (Manual)
✓ Link Removal (Disavow)
✓ Backlink Analysis Report
CompleteFull Site Audit
✓ Link Removal (Manual)
✓ Link Removal (Disavow)
✓ Backlink Analysis Report
✓ Duplicate Content Analysis
✓ Google Guidelines Audit
✓ Google Resubmission
✓ Onsite Content Review
✓ Hosting & IP Analysis
✓ Spam/Malware Removal

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How can it possibly be worse than being penalised already?

If you don't act soon, your site may be required to be manually submitted along with a compliance assessment and report. These assessments can be grueling and sometimes daunting for a website owner trying to fix the issues reported by Google for their site.

Odds are your site will most likely be manually reviewed by a Google representative before your resubmission is processed. If you ignore or don't receive warnings and as a result are penalised, it is recommended to assess the issue, check all of your website variables and if needed, speak with a qualified Google penalty removal service provider just like us...

Queensland SEO can provide you with 3 alternate levels of penalty removal service including features such as Link Removal and even a Google Guidelines Audit.

How and why do sites become penalised?

Link Building
Websites can be penalised for a variety of reasons however all too often websites are penalised for suspicious link building activities.

It can be very tempting to become 'addicted' to link building and some website owners even outsource to unknown foreign companies without even asking for examples of previous link submission projects or questioning the submission company about penalised links. The best link building strategy is a natural link building strategy. Every says it over and over again, focus on your users, what content they want to know about and you can't go wrong. Promote your site through natural links such as testimonials, reviews, forum discussions and even social media posts and profiles. These links will gradually build up over time, there is no quick fix when it comes to beating Google's ever improving technology.

Malware/Security Risks
There are other reasons your website may be penalised, some websites have security risk issues or identified vulnerabilities in the software or platform that supports and operates the site's features or content. Some websites are identified as having malware code or malicious tracking codes installed in their code and these sites will quickly be removed and the user's will even be warned to NOT visit these sites due to the risks associated.

Duplicate Content
Plagiarism and excessive duplicate content is another bad habit that triggers Google penalties and warnings. Standard practise is to always acknowledge the original source. Some website owners will copy articles, reuse images directly from Google Image search without checking the licensing or reuse policies and these sites will be penalised as a result. Sometimes the penalties are not enough to trigger a warning however these penalties will ensure your website struggles really hard to reach the first page for simple and relevant search results.

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