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Why validate your website’s HTML coding?

There are many reasons and benefits to having an optimised website with 100% valid HTML coding such as compatibility across multiple browsers to displaying correctly for mobile devices but did you know having valid HTML coding for your website can provide subtle benefits to your website's SEO rankings?

Valid HTML coding increases your site's credibility with the search engines and enables search engine spiders to more efficiently 'crawl' your website for indexing in search results. Valid HTML coding also ensures your website will be displayed correctly for any future changes to browsers or mobile devices that may potentially impact a site that has an invalid HTML coding structure.

There are currently no known penalties in place for invalid HTML coding so at this stage, your website will not be penalised for having invalid HTML code however this may change in the not too distant future as search engines place more emphasis upon valid coding structures and compatibility issues.

HTML Validation Analysis

Queensland SEO can provide you with a HTML validation analysis, reporting on your HTML coding, if any errors are present and what needs to be done to fix these errors.

Our HTML validation analysis will enable you to take our report to your web designer or design team to remedy your site's coding issues or alternatively, Queensland SEO will be more than happy to optimise your HTML coding to ensure it complies with standards and is 100% valid.

Please check your site using the HTML validation submission link below or contact us to discuss optimising your site's HTML coding today.

Check your site’s HTML validation

You can check if your site is HTML compliant or has coding issues by visiting the free W3C HTML Validation service located at

HTML Validated Coding