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Local SEO Package – $250.00 Setup Fee

The Local SEO package is an essential element to ensuring your website is indexed and displayed for relevant and local search engine results. Users are able to search for common keywords or business services and connect with your website or business through correctly optimised local SEO services.

Our Local SEO package ensures that your website is indexed and found on Google searches in your local region both on your Google Maps or now referred to as MyBusiness page on Google+ as well as your website through organic search engine results pages.

Once we've completed the Local SEO service requirements, your website will now be equipped with the tools and elements required for successfully optimising your website even further. We will discover elements and make suggestions and recommendations to help you connect with the right keywords being used by your local target market and how to help improve conversions and contact form submissions.

Find out more information about each SEO service included in our Local SEO Package for a one-off fee of just $250.00 or contact us at Queensland SEO on 1300 'QLD SEO' or online at our contact us page.

Keyword Research Report

The most important aspect of the Local SEO package is completing a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the keywords that are being used by local users and that are most relevant to the content on your website.

Selecting the wrong keywords can result in your website receiving low to no traffic each month. It is important to perform keyword research when designing a website however a series of simple readjustments can be made in order to change your website's focus towards more popular or frequently used keyword combinations.

Check out the PDF examples of Keyword Research Reports below to get an idea of what is provided:
-> Download Brisbane Keyword Report (Global Searches on Google.com)
-> Download Cairns Keyword Report (Global Searches on Google.com)

XML Sitemap

Your website and webpages will be added to an XML file which is used by search engines to not only index your website for listings on the search engine results but to specify the priority of pages considered of importance to your users.

An example of an XML Sitemap is provided at the link below;
Example Sitemap

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Bing Webmaster Tools

Registering your website with Bing Webmaster Tools and submitting your XML sitemap will assist the Bing search engine in crawling and indexing your webpages as well as providing valuable insights into your traffic such as user habits, referring URLs and more...

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Google Webmaster Tools

Registering with Google Webmaster Tools enables you to monitor your site's performance and presence in Google Search results. Google Webmaster Tools provides insights and reporting on which queries are used to locate your site, which sites are linking to you (referrers), Google penalties and warning messages and more... Submit your sitemap to enable crawling and even remove content you don't want to appear in Google's Search results.

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Duplicate Content Analysis

Your website will be cross-checked with other sites on the Internet for duplicate content or remarkable similar content and a report provided indicating the results and suggested changes if applicable.

Duplicate content can in some case results in your website's search engine rankings being penalised.

There are many suggested work-arounds such as canonical URL's, however we at Queensland SEO prefer original and unique content as search engines love original content, Google loves original content.

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HTML Validation Analysis

There are many benefits to valid HTML code on your website such as increased cross-browser compatibility including for users who visit your website from a mobile phone or tablet device.

At this stage, search engines don't penalise a site for having invalid HTML coding but Google does actually provide a marginal benefit to website's search engine rankings for sites with valid HTML code.

We will perform an analysis on your website's coding structure and report to you what needs to be fixed if applicable.

Queensland SEO proudly supports valid HTML and the HTML Markup Validation service.

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30 x Directory Submissions (Offsite SEO)

Your website will be manually submitted by a human being to 30 top-ranked website directories to help build your back links and boost your website's PageRank and search engine rankings.

The directory submissions allow you to target 1-3 keywords and even link to specific pages, a great feature for those that have a landing page for different keyword combinations.

The link submissions will be approved over a time period of between 24hrs to 2 months ensuring your website isn't penalised by the search engines which commonly occurs by using dodgy link schemes or paid link programs.