Social Media Marketing


Social media websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter amongst many others are fast becoming the most popular methods for distributing information. One example being just recently at Queensland SEO, our social media page was the most appropriate and time efficient method for distributing updates to our business networks while we were being impacted by Cyclone Ita and were unavailable through other methods of contact such as phone and email. If you have original and regular content you wish to publish to your audience as well as engage within that audiences peer networks, a social media marketing plan may be of some benefit.

If you would like help with your social media marketing and don't know where to begin, why not contact us at Queensland SEO to arrange a time to chat or discuss your project over Skype... and remember, we are always happy to help so any questions, please just ask!

Compare our Social Media Marketing services:

Feature Summary Price
Create Facebook Business Page Setup new Facebook Business page + content $150.00
Add Facebook Likes Adds random Facebook Likes to your page per 1000 $75.00
Facebook Advertising Setup new Facebook Advertising campaign $200.00
Facebook Remarketing Setup new Facebook Remarketing campaign $200.00
Facebook Website Integration Add buttons or Facebook plugins to website From $200.00
Create Google+ profile Setup new Google+ profile page + content $200.00
Promote Google Plus posts Promote Google+ posts to relevant Google Communities $150.00
Google+ Website Integration Add buttons or Google plugins to website From $200.00
Create Google My Business page Setup new Google My Business/Maps page + content $200.00
Optimise Google Maps Optimisation for existing Google Maps profile $150.00

Please contact us at Queensland SEO to discuss if and how social media marketing will be effective for your business.


Social media also enables you to reach out to an audience that may previously have been inaccessible to your business. Facebook enables users to publicly endorse your products, posts or articles by clicking Like and they even have the option to Share your post with their friends, and these friends have the ability to both Like and further Share your content with their friends.

Facebook currently has over 1 billion active users.


In mid-2011, Google released there own social media network, called Google+ or GooglePlus and although similar in concept to Facebook in that you can share content with your friends, family and business networks, these are done through add user profiles to your 'Circles' instead of your 'Friends'.

Google currently claims to currently have over 540 million active users.


Twitter provides a method for posting a short status update limited to 140 characters, commonly referred to as a 'tweet' similar in size to a standard SMS text message allowing you to update your Twitter feed followers on your latest news such as project updates, changes to your business and sometimes even just a simple message of the day. Twitter currently has over 500 million active tweeters.


YouTube is a content sharing service dedicated to providing users with millions of video clips uploaded online from music to documentaries, even home videos uploaded and shared every minute of every day by registered users.

Unregistered users may still visit the site, perform search queries and watch their selected video clips. In late 2006, Google purchased YouTube for US$1.65 billion and as such, YouTube is one of Google's many services.

Want to find out more about Social Media Marketing?

Check out our Social Marketing FAQ page for frequently asked questions about social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter or contact Queensland SEO to discuss how to reach out and engage with your social media users.