Frequently Asked Questions (Social Networking)


Is social media important to marketing my website?

Well the answer to that question really depends on your target audience and what your website has to offer...

Social media marketing is ideal for some types of businesses and unfortunately, quite useless for others. Businesses that offer promotions, clothing or fashion may operate and function entirely through Facebook as their primary method of connecting with their audience/customers.

Before investing your time and even your money into your social media marketing, why not check around and see what your competitors are doing or nut out a strategy so that you determine what might work and what is most likely one of those posts that would be covered in dust if it was sitting in a library. Once you know if something works, you can always try and improve from there...

Why setup a Google+ page?

Your Google Plus pages not only connects your business to customers on Google services such as Google Search, Google Maps but also directly to Google by providing Google with updated information and details on your business.

Your customers can display their feedback on your business by providing reviews and ratings or by effectively endorsing your business by using the +1 button, similar to what Facebook refers to as a 'Like'.

Your Google+ listing will also be integrated with Google Places to provide listings for relevant searches on Google tools such as Google Maps and Google Local. This allows you to use your Google+ page to maintain all of your information to be displayed across Google's services such as hours of operation and even the ability for your users to click-to-call on your businesses phone or mobile number.

How to add Google+ buttons to your website

Promoting your Google+ page is as easy as adding a small 'snippet' of code to your website.

This enables your website users to click the small +1 symbol to follow and recommend your Google+ page to others. The +1 feature can be added to each individual webpage to allow user's to share the page of interest if they feel like it.

The Google Follow button allows users to add your Google+ page to their profile or circles without leaving your site. There are many different sized banners available to promote your Google+ profile allowing you to customise your Google Follow button to best suit your websites needs.

Queensland SEO are more than happy to help add your Google+ buttons to your site. If you require our expert assistance, please contact us.

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How to setup a Google+ page

Start sharing your content with your audience by signing up for a Google+ profile.

You can register and create your new Google+ profile and page for your business by visiting the Google+ homepage and either using your existing Google account or creating a new Google account.

Alternatively, Queensland SEO can create your Google+ page for you to help you increase your exposure to your target audience and deliver your content directly to your followers. Please don't hesitate to contact us to get your business started on Google+.

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What is Google My Business? (formerly Google Places, Google Local)

Google My Business, sometimes referred to as Google business listings and Google maps listings, is a service provided by Google allowing local businesses to display their contact details to local search results pages.

Google My Business provides features such as allowing a business to display their opening hours, adding a pin on the business address in Google Maps searches, providing your contact details to customers who view your business listing and also link your Google+ profile to display your reviews and feedback on your Google Places listing.