Google Plus


Google Plus (Google+) and SEO

Google Plus is a great way to meet and connect with a new audience but did you know that setting up and optimising your Google Plus page can help boost your site's rankings and SEO?

A Google Plus page for your website or business enables you to add useful content to your page and even create a custom Page URL for example, which may also appear on search page results for keywords such as 'Queensland SEO' or 'SEO Australia'...

There are also underestimated benefits such as verification with Google (a verified site will always rank better than an unverified site), adding your Google Plus profile as your website's author (which helps prevent plagiarism issues and protects against duplicate content) and even creating back links from Google itself by adding your useful pages on your Google Plus profile.

If you are interested in creating a Google+ profile for your website, business or organisation, please contact us at Queensland SEO to start connecting to a new audience through Google Plus.

Google Plus Website Integration

If you are interested adding Google Plus buttons or plugins to your website, then make sure you check out the example plugins we've included below.

There are many options available such as buttons for users to add a +1 to your site (similar to a Facebook Like), Share or Post your page to the user's profile and allow the user to follow your Google Plus content including posts, images and videos.

+1 Button

Share Button

Google Plus Badge

Embedded Google Plus Post

Follow Button

Google+ tips

1. Setup your profile with as much information as possible
Google loves content... Google really, really loves original and unique content so setting up your Google+ profile with as much information is critical to your business. Your Google+ page also enables your business to appear for relevant searches on Google Maps and Google Places listings. Adding valuable information such as your opening hours, business address, business contact details such as website, email and phone numbers will help you to connect with your customers across multiple levels on Google's integrated services.

2. Post to relevant Community pages
Joining relevant Community pages on Google+ will allow you to post your content to users that are actively engaging and interacting with each other about the subject matter or topic of the Community Page. You need to ensure the Community page you are joining is relevant to your business and what your customers need to know so relevancy is the key.

3. Start a Community page
If you are having difficulties locating or joining a relevant Community page, why not create your own? By creating your own Community page you allow users to interact and share information relevant to the Community page's subject matter or topic. This allows you to actively engage with your audience on another level and leads to more followers and added circles to your Google+ profile.

4. Share your Google+ posts on Twitter
You can share your Google+ posts on Twitter by 'tweeting' the URL of the Google+ post in your Twitter account. This will allow you to promote your content on to your Twitter users who are then able to click on the link which also takes them to your Google+ page, further promoting your Google+ profile.

5. Add relevant keywords to your Google+ profile
Add your target keywords into your Google+ profile to further increase your keyword relevancy in the eyes of Google. Your target keywords should be included in your posts, Google+ profile description but caution must be advised so as not to appear like keyword spamming.

6. Consistency and branding
Keep your corporate image and branding consistent to maximise your business reputation. This includes adding your business logo, advertisements, images or videos to your Google+ page and try to create a standard template for all of your Google+ posts so that you keep your post format consistent whilst delivering valuable content to your customers.

7. Use Bold and Italic text in Google+
Google+ allows you to use bold and italic text in your Google+ posts. This is one feature that is too often neglected and can increase your keyword relevancy simply by adding emphasis to your Google+ posts and target keywords.
To add bold text on Google+ posts;
*this text is bold* = this text is bold

To add italic text on Google+ posts:
_this text is italic_ = this text is italic